Waste Removal Service On Halloween Days in London

Waste Removal Service On Halloween Days

Halloween is that time of the year where people dress up as vampires and many other characters. While Halloween is fun and exciting, it’s always found by immense waste and trash from the costumes used. Anything from fake spider webs, devil horns, paint, and paintbrushes, among others. It is therefore right to say that this period is a nightmare for public places or homes hosting this annual event.

Here are the roles of a waste removal company on Halloween days in London to help reduce the waste found after that.

Emphasize on recycling and reusing

Over the Halloween period, the waste removal companies emphasize that people should use costumes that can be reused and recycled. This way, it helps to reduce the amount of waste that is not fit for recycling and reusing. The waste is reusable and can be recycled to produce something else of better quantity.

Transportation of waste

Waste removal companies transport waste after Halloween days; this helps to reduce the trash on the environment. This also helps tidy up the space for the other upcoming events. Seek to prevent waste materials from pilling up in a given area; Halloween day waste should be cleared as and when it’s generated, this is more manageable in the long run.

Efficient waste collection

On the 31st of October, the Halloween day, most waste removal companies are always on standby. Efficient waste collection results in the minimization of waste. Waste management by collection is better than disposal. This is because generating less waste means that you’ll have little to dispose of, and this is beneficial to your pocket and environment too.

Environment management;

The environment management system, also known as EMS is part of the larger management system. This is done by the waste removal companies, by removing waste from the environment to keep it clean during the Halloween celebrations.

Waste Removal Service on Halloween in London

Waste disposal

Waste removal service helps you to make Halloween day a success, by tidying up all the trash prior and after this day. They formulate an efficient and effective waste disposal pricing before the due day, to make this day a success.

Improvise the safe waste collection

The waste disposal company has responsibilities and roles during Halloween day, to improvise a safe waste collection strategies and methods. This is to ensure that all waste is collected safely in an eco-friendly manner. Environment conservation helps ensure that all waste generated is handled appropriately. This could either be via reusing, recycling or even reselling/donating to those that may need such.  For instance, most Halloween Day masks can be used again for other functions, like a birthday party for instance.

Waste can be managed in many ways; for example through waste disposal, waste recycling, reuse of waste and reduction. All these methods have their advantages that impact positively on human life as well as disadvantages. This is why waste removal companies emphasize on the given methods to reduce waste and to better lives.


A good waste removal company should not just remove your waste. They should also go ahead and help you learn tips on how to generate less, how to recycle home waste, and so on so forth. Besides, they should have an eco-friendly policy, where most of the waste collected gets recycled. As we eagerly wait for this year’s Halloween Day, All Junk Removal is glad to partner with you to help you celebrate in a clean, tidy space.

Call us today to come and tidy up your space before and after Halloween. We promise you nothing but fast, efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly waste management services. You can never go wrong with us.

Responsibilities in Waste Disposal for London landlords

Waste Disposal for London landlords

A landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, or land or real estate which has been leased or rented to a business or an individual; who in this case, we term to as a tenant. The responsibility of the landlord does not end once they lease their property. The UK has laws stating that the landlord has roles and responsibilities to play as far as their property is concerned. Among these responsibilities is waste disposal, which is their role as much as it is to the tenants. They include;

  • Provide rubbish bins.

It is the responsibility of the landlords to provide rubbish bins or what others may term as trash cans. The trash can is provided for easy disposal of waste and collection of the same when the time for the collection comes. Placement of trash cans in the apartment is a role of the landlord. As a landlord, choosing the best trash or garbage can is essential. Such bins can be labeled to ensure that each trash lands to the bin where it fits best. Go through the Tips for Household Waste Disposal.

  • Ensure waste is disposed of properly.

The landlords should ensure that the waste is disposed of properly in their apartments. Landlords do this by giving simple directions and instructions to their tenants. This is done by ensuring they sort the garbage into a few different bins, bring the trash such as toys and clothing to second-hand stores to be resold or recycled. And also turn food and garden waste into compost. This way, the waste is disposed of properly.

  • Ensure legal dispose of waste.

The best option for landlords who handle bulky or heavy waste is to hire a skip. It is the responsibility of a landlord to ensure the rubbish clearance company you hire is registered as a Waste Carrier as we are one, who dispose of trash properly, safely and efficiently. Some waste such as old television and fridges are bulky and hazardous. These should not be disposed of in a regular skip. Therefore, the landlord can checkup with us when arranging for a skip to be delivered.

proper waste disposal

  • Responsible for removal of trash

Landlords are responsible for the removal of dumpsters out of the apartments. This is entirely their role as the government requires them to have all control over the surrounding areas, waste management around those areas. This is meant to ensure that tenants dispose of waste properly within the property.

  • Supervise safe and efficient waste collection.

It is the role of the landlord to supervise the collection of waste as well as ensure it is done safely, efficiently, and does not affect the environment or the health of the surrounding people. The safe and efficient waste collection works best to ensure all trash is handled and cleared accordingly. The re-usable, recycle waste, all are put in the right place.


There is a saying that cleanliness is second to godliness and this couldn’t be truer for London landlords. Tenants are always looking for comfy and secure places to rent, but they also want a clean apartment or home! No tenant wants to go house viewing only to be met by piles of uncollected trash at the entrance.

As a landlord, All Junk Removal is here to partner with you and ensure that you effectively manage all your waste. We have experience and the skills to handle trash from multiple housing units across London. Plus our crews are professional and courteous, we’ll clear waste from all your tenants without any interference to their daily lives. The good thing is that we can work out a formula to be billing you at the end of the week or month for all trash collected from your premises. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or questions.


Guide for Office Waste Management

Managing of office waste is vital, it helps boost productivity and boost employee morale. It also helps save money, improve profitability, and reducing tax obligations. Customers and employees aim to preserve the environment and limit the amount of waste; a solid waste management plan needs to be in place.

It is essential to understand the office waste hierarchy before developing the strategy.

Office Waste hierarchy:

It is an approach to managing waste within an organization. It illustrates the most effective ways of managing waste and disposal methods, in terms of which is best for the environment. The different options, from the most to least desirable are as below;

  • Avoid the use of a product:

It may involve reviewing the current practices or looking for opportunities to automate processes.

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

Reducing includes; double-sided printing, buying what you need, etc. Reusing involves the items in the office instead of throwing them away like reusing paper printed on one side as notepads. The recycling rate is vital to improve in an office and reduce the waste you send to landfill. To succeed at this, sort the products in specific waste streams and ensure after separating them, they are not contaminated.

  • Recover:

There is waste which you cannot prevent, reuse, or recycle. However, some of these may have value in the form of recoverable energy or other by-products. It will prevent some negative GHG impacts of disposing of the waste in landfill. There are different processes of recovering the additional value of garbage. Some extract energy directly, and others convert the waste in various types of fuel to use later. The procedures may include anaerobic digestion and thermal treatment.

  • Landfill:

It involves disposing of the waste in the ground through a dug hole. It is essential to do this safely and send the landfill waste to a licensed facility. This needs to be the last option.

Office waste management companies

The steps for managing office waste are:

There are some activities that you need to deliver an office waste management plan successfully. They include;

  1. Gathering data:

For you to have a strong office waste management strategy, you will need to measure the improvements against the initial performance. It involves quantifying the current waste from each office. You will also need to provide a baseline to measure success. It helps to identify offices that have an above-average amount of garbage.

There are some sources available on carrying out waste audits. They will give information on office waste and the possible disposal routes for the standard waste streams. Office managers can use them to develop their format to measure and report misuse that suits the requirements of the organization.

  1. Identifying the options available for waste reduction:

The waste reduction strategy needs to reflect on the findings of baseline waste information. The priorities usually differ from the offices. The measures of reducing waste are in two categories namely;

  • Raising of waste awareness and encourage people to reduce waste:

This may involve;

  • Introduce waste as a performance measure for managers.
  • To update staffs regularly on waste and recovery rates.
  • Changing of products, technologies, and processes to prevent any wastage.

Some examples of this approach include:

  • Maximize on using electronic media to communicate
  • Set the default settings for the printer to be double-sided prints.
  1. Determining the segregation and storage strategy:

The waste audit indicates the waste streams in the office, and this is the basis for a segregation strategy. The most common waste streams include; paper, toner cartridges, plastic cups, stationery, and electrical equipment.

  1. Set the targets:

Wastes generated in officeAll good waste targets will meet the SMART criteria such that they are;

  • Specific – It states the extent of wastes and activities to include.
  • Measurable – They are clear on how to measure the progress.
  • Achievable – It needs to reflect on the finding of the baseline survey and must emanate from the external benchmarks or national targets.
  • Relevant – It must consider any impacts on the actions the organization will take.
  • Timely – It needs to have a date of achieving the target.
  1. Appointing a waste management company:

The primary role of the waste removal company is to collect and process waste streams, who follow all the legal procedures of waste removal. They may also provide other services in assisting the office manager in the implementation and reporting of the strategy like;

  • Quality audits to ensure no contamination of segregated waste.
  • To confirm the destinations of waste streams.

Contact the waste removal company and get immediate clarification on all doubts over office waste management.

  1. Monitoring the progress:

It is the final step in implementing an office waste management strategy. It involves calculating and reporting the results. The office waste disposal will provide these data;

  • The volume of waste that was collected by the stream.
  • The waste recovery rate.


Having a proper waste management plan does not have to be. There are information and guidance for managing office waste. It is necessary to prioritize the critical sources of waste. For the strategy to succeed, the following are essential;

  • An informed workforce.
  • Collection and separating facilities.
  • A waste contractor’s guidance.
  • To monitor and report the progress to individually responsible for the targets.

5 Different Types Of Waste Disposal Methods

Many industrialized nations are having problems when dealing with waste disposal. Some hazardous waste such as radioactive remains and no-biodegradable waste are common problems when trying to identify the best method of disposing of them. These toxic waste can cause a whole lot of damage to human lives and the environment at large.

Waste disposal is, however, not a new issue, but an issue that has evolved for many years. The growing population, which results in higher proportions of waste is what is bothering most countries. Some waste disposal methods have been enhanced and advanced over the years, but they are not enough for the growing population. Below are some of the trusted and effective ways of waste disposal that have been used over the years.

Types of waste disposal in London

  1. Sanitary landfills

This is where the non-recyclable waste is disposed of. The landfill is where all the non-recyclable waste is separated and spread over a protective base. The waste is then covered with layers of soil, and the area is left for other activities except building on that area to give room for decomposition to take place. The area is left for around 25 years so that the waste will decompose.

Some requirements should be met before an area is considered a landfill. One of the requirements is that the area should not be prone to floods. This requirement is meant to ensure that no harmful waste will find its way to the water zone level through flooding. The landfill also should have non-porous soils and low levels of groundwater.

The landfills are however maintained from time to time by some skilled workforce.

Sanitary landfills - Waste Disposal Methods

  1. Disposal in seas and oceans

This method of waste disposal is one that has brought about a lot of controversies all over the world with environmentalists pointing out the dangers marine life is exposed to. However toxic wastes generally in the form of radioactive materials are disposed of far off in the oceans far away from human habitats. The rubbish disposed of in the seas and oceans sink deep into the water where no human can reach hence protecting humans from being affected negatively from the radioactive type of waste.

  1. Incineration

This method of waste disposal in London involves burning waste in airtight containers known as incinerators. This method is one of the most effective and useful because the by-products of burning waste can be reused. Heat can be used for energy while the ash can be used for hydroponic purposes.

This method is also considered very cheap and famous for reducing the amount of waste in London by 95%. Some toxic waste such as hospital waste can be disposed of using this method since it does not leave any type of waste hanging around unlike disposing of such wastes in a landfill.

The heat generated from incineration can be used as energy for cooking, supplying heat to turbines and heating. However, this method of waste disposal in London requires strict vigilance to avoid harmful toxins such as dioxin from the incinerator lines from contaminating the surroundings. Accidents might happen, so the incineration process has to be conducted very vigilantly.

  1. Recycling and reusing

This a common waste disposal method in London today. This method involves transforming the wastes into new products through different industrial processes. Paper, glass, aluminum, and also plastics are usually recycled. This method is environmental friendly, but the industrial processes can be costly.

Wastes like plastic bags and plastic bottles can be reused instead of throwing them off to nature. Many waste materials can be reused instead of throwing them away. This waste disposal method is environmental friendly since it does not in any way pollute the air or the water.

This method also reduces the number of landfills in the area, thus giving more space to other essential activities. Recycling and reusing are one of the ways that are very speedy and efficient. Reusing also saves a lot of resources since the money you could have used to buy new items like plastic bottles can be saved or used in another way.

Recycling - Types Of Waste Disposal Methods

  1. Biogas and fertilizer production

Gardeners, farmers, and homeowners who produce large amounts of organic waste can use this method of waste disposal to generate fertilizer out of the waste. This type of fertilizer is very advantageous since it is all organic. Homeowners who also own gardens can create compost pit where they can keep all the organic waste to generate fertilizer for their gardens. Homeowners can go through Household waste removal tips for reducing the amount of waste generated.

For bio-degradable waste, bio-degradation companies will turn these types of waste into biogas by using fungi and some types of bacteria to decay the waste and subsequently generate biogas from the decayed waste. The biogas produced is then used as fuel for different purposes. This method is excellent when it comes to organic and biodegradable waste since it results in by-products that can be used later.

You can read about us on why we are the leading rubbish clearance who follow proper waste disposal methods in the UK.

How to Choose a Junk Removal Company in London

Hire Rubbish Removal Company

In the older days, people never saw the importance of recycling or properly disposing of waste products in their home and office. Burning of waste products brought about pollution and contributed to global warming. Recycling is an act that is not practiced all over the world but most countries have tried implementing it in order to save the environment. Hiring a removal company not only saves you on time but also allows you to be eco-friendly and concentrate on your core business. There are different waste removal companies that are in London. Most, if not all, offer the same services and brag to offer better services than the others. In today’s era of advanced technologies, disposing trash has been simplified in ways that can help the environment instead of causing pollution or any other ways of harming the environment at large.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Waste Company in London

  • Quick Removal – It is better to note the quick and timely response of the waste removal company. Waste products should not stay in your premises for long as they start to remove a bad odour. The waste company should be able to sort out your waste in 24 to 48 hours after your call. As a waste removal company, one should understand which kind of waste we are collecting and be able to sort and remove the junk from the client’s premises on time.
  • Resources – The company you are about to hire should have adequate resources to handle the junk you want collected. If it is a whole house of junk, the company should have proper tracks that will collect the furniture and any other garbage from your home or office without a challenge. They should have the right number of staff to handle a job without having to inconvenience you as the client.
  • Licensed – all waste companies in London need to be licensed and certified with proper training and experience to handle all types of waste products; be it garden waste, chemical waste or house waste. It is very important that the company has the right specialized staff to handle hazardous waste in the proper manner as well mind environmental protection.
    Hiring a Waste Company in London
  • Recycling Policy – Just like having the proper standard operation procedures in a company, all waste removal companies should have recycling policies. The policy covers how to dispose waste the right way as well as recycling the right kind of junk. A waste removal company should act professionally and provide the necessary junk removal services to its clients in a proper way.
  • Affordability – is the company you are hiring affordable compared to the kind of work we are offering? You should be able to get what you paid for and in a specialized way. A waste removal company should offer affordable pricing depending on the type of work you are offering them.
  • Professional Staff – All removal companies should consist of well-educated staff that understand the need for collecting waste, recycling and disposing the right way. They should offer staff that can easily tell you why it is important to recycle and dispose.

All Junk Removal services is a company that offers junk removal services to clients around London. It is known for its professionalism in its work and manner in which they handle the waste product. The company is licenced and certified to offer waste removal services to the best of its ability to London residents. Visit https://www.alljunkremoval.co.uk/ and learn more about what they offer. Give them a call today and experience a waste free life without lifting a finger.

10 Reasons to Hire All Junk Removals for Waste Clearance

Hire Certified Waste Clearance Company

Have you thought of the impact of the thrown waste on our environment? Waste management is an important aspect which involves appropriate disposal and treatment to waste materials produced by factories, homes, mills and even IT companies.

Waste management is made up of the collection, transportation, processing and disposing of waste materials that are produced because of human activities.  This procedure minimizes waste effect towards human health and environment, it is, therefore, necessary to choose the right company to clear waste effectively. Listed are 10 reasons to hire All Junk Removals for waste clearance.

  • Economical

If you are the owner of a house or business, it is paramount for you to ensure that all things are running smoothly. Hiring All Junk Removals will definitely prove to be economical and efficient. You do not need to plan anything on your own, whether you need disposal on the same day or a weekly one.

  • Preserves Environment

All Junk Removals makes sure that the waste collected is managed well and in optimum condition so as to preserve the environment not to have harmful gases or unwanted chemicals. We use the latest tools and techniques for efficient processing and recycling of waste.

  • Saves Time

Hiring All Junk Removals will save you both money and time. When you hire a local person to get rid of your waste from your compound, they can end up taking days and months. All Junk Removals are certified and professional waste clearance company with well-equipped tools and trained professionals who will save you a considerable amount of money and time.


  • Reliable and Efficient

When you hire All Junk Removals, efficiency and reliability is a guarantee.  Only a waste management business that is reliable, certified and licensed can provide an efficient, safe and quick processing of junk from businesses and factories. Our professionals are skilled, well trained and efficient to ensure on-time disposing of waste and recycling.

  • Health and Safety

If you think that you can handle the waste which is stinking all on your own then you are wrong. Health and safety are one of the main concerns of All Junk Removals. The proper and on-time disposal, with recycling, helps to have a hygienic atmosphere and keep clean your surroundings.

Hire All Junk Removals For Waste Clearance

  • Guarantee Convenience

Disposing of a big waste build-up is hectic. True, you can hire one in-house garbage team to manage or follow the tips on household waste disposal. However, you will have to direct them on what is to be done. You will also need to oversee to them to make sure  we do everything well. This will be an inconvenience to you especially when you are on a tight schedule. Hiring All Junk Removals which is a professional waste clearance company is most convenient as it does not need round-the-clock overlooking.

  • Great Company Reputation

For you to be in business, the business image should stay intact. Clients get attracted to a business environment which is clean. When most of your clientele are environmentalists, you will build loyalty is you are eco-friendly.

  • You Gain Outstanding Services

All Junk Removals has a reputation which it must maintain. We do understand that for us to be in business, we must offer services which are satisfactory to all our clients. This means you can depend on us to provide quality services.

  • Precise Waste Disposal and Recycling

We not only collect the junks from your home or construction site, but All Junk Removals also ensures the right disposal and recycling steps are done. We separate the waste collected from your site and go separate the items according to recyclables to be used for construction or other purposes.

  • Managing Hazardous Materials

It is not secure to dispose of materials which are hazardous from sites but you can hire our services to manage these hazardous wastes professionally.

You can get all these great things if you do hire All Junk Removals for your waste clearance. We do not just give you skip bins but have a whole new waste management approach.

5 Household Waste Disposal Tips

Household waste disposal tips

Reduction and proper management of home garbage and waste are paramount for health and hygiene reasons for your family and neighbours. Every family has some home waste in terms of dry or wet garbage which requires proper handling. House waste clearance is automatically a collective responsibility that each family member has to work for. You need some little imagination, creativity, and discipline to manage home waste. Find 5 tips that will help you manage household waste efficiently and easily.

  1. Get Foods with Minimum Packaging

A smart way to minimize waste is to buy foods with less packaging. This is because as you buy foods which are wrapped in individual plastic packets, you are definitely having an excess of waste through the many plastic packets. If you get foods with minimal packages, the quantity of home waste produced in a day will be reduced automatically. It is wise therefore, to buy bulk food like spices, cereals and other dry foods and store in airtight containers at home.

  1. Avoid Packaged Drinks

It is a point that bottled water or drinks are a massive source of waste, so it is best to avoid the use of bottled drinks. Even when you have to purchase bottled water, to reduce the volume of waste, purchase large containers. Instead of buying 18 bottles of water, purchase a 5-gallon water container to reduce the amount of plastic bottles garbage.

Avoid Packaged bottles - Household waste

  1. Donate Unused Old Items

Surprisingly, a big reduction of home garbage is reduced through donating of unused and old items. Old clothes, electronics, tools or other gadgets that you are not in use of and are in great condition can be donated to charity instead of dumping them as waste. This will not only help you in waste management of your home but help individuals who might be in great need of those items.

  1. Reuse Where Possible

Through reusing, a good extent of waste can be minimized. The durable containers can be used severally before throwing them away. All the bags, boxes and bottles can serve another purpose only when you know the way to reuse them appropriately. Plastic bags can be used as dustbins. Children can draw on the sides of used paper. Plastic containers can be used for storage purposes. Anyway, avoid too much reuse of plastic as it may break and start input of chemicals into the food.

Reuse Reduce Recycle Household Wastes

  1. Make Compost

Amongst the best tips to manage the waste of your home is to use yard cuttings and food scraps wisely. Do you know why? This is the reason for it. You do not need to throw food scraps and yard cuttings in the trash.  The cuttings and scraps can be easily composted and turned into rich, nutritious and fertile soil which can be utilised to nourish your garden. Even when you do not own a garden, you can provide it to a friend.

There are many ways of how to compost. Choose a place in a partially shaded or sunny area in your compound to make a composite site. Some mixtures of compost allow the use of items like dairy and meat while others are primarily meant for fruit and vegetable scraps. It takes a month or two in order to produce compost.

These are the smart ways to control home garbage and waste that you might try. They are common and extremely efficient ways of controlling garbage output at home. There is nothing peculiar about these hacks; in fact ministering all of these tips will definitely make a lot of difference to your home, society and general environment. You cannot clean the whole universe but when you take some initiative to manage your home rubbish correctly, then you will show an example to others. If you want this all to be management by the professionals, contact us immediately with the pictures of wastes at your place.