Garden Clearance London

You’ve got the hang of cleaning the inside of your house and you’re pretty good at decluttering. But what about the outside? Gardens, yards and outdoor areas need just as much of a good tidy-up as the inside of a home, and I don’t just mean doing the odd spot of weeding and pruning now and again.

It’s a common scenario, both in rental properties and in owner-occupied homes (although it can be much more of a problem in rentals if the tenants are the sort who don’t bother about gardening because it’s not really their place). The great outdoors is a good place to put the larger bits and pieces that are broken and will be taken down to the dump one day (One Day seems to be that magical time when all sorts of things will get fixed, removed, cleaned or tidied – for some people, One Day never comes but for All Junk Removal, every day is One Day). The rusty bikes, the dead refrigerator, the disused dog kennel and the bits of scrap metal that can’t really go into the regular rubbish bin all sit there outside. When they’re out there, they just get worse and worse. Rusting away is a very, very slow process… Then Mother Nature does what she can to cover up the hideous junk with clumps of grass, weeds, brambles, ivy and all the rest of it. Sometimes, wildlife – anything from urban foxes to rats – will make a home in neglected outdoor areas.

It might be all right for a rat, but it’s not really all right for any human being. Especially if you are the landlord or the person who’s just bought the property. That outside area needs a good overhaul, with all the weeds cleared out and the junk taken away. And you thought that cleaning the inside of a house was hard enough…

However, the task of garden clearance isn’t too hard for the team here at All Junk Removal. We have a good team of folk who will pull on the sturdy boots and gloves, back in the trailer and get stuck in with all the tools needed to get that mess out of your garden so you can start afresh with a clean canvas. You never know – we might find some lovely old roses or even a few berry bushes hidden behind all the chaos. However, we’ll get rid of the rusty fridge, the dead bikes, the split and perished hoses, the old car tyres and all the rest of it.

When we remove the rubbish from the garden of your London property, we don’t just mindlessly take everything to the landfill. All the greenwaste will be composted and any recyclables – including the scrap metal – will be disposed of responsibly and sensibly so that anything that can be composted or salvaged will be. Everything else that can’t be reused or recycled will be sent to one of London’s many waste-to-energy schemes so that the materials can be used to generate electricity.

No matter whereabouts in the Greater London Metropolitan Area your neglected garden is, how big it is or how much of a jungle it’s become, the garden clearance team from All Junk Removal can take care of it all for you. And trust me – we’ve seen some shockers over the years that make the hedge around Sleeping Beauty’s castle look easy, so we won’t judge you.

Don’t put it off for One Day or procrastinate any longer. Say goodbye to the chaos outdoors by getting in touch with All Junk Removal’s London garden clearance team today!

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