House Clearance London

There’s no denying that house clearance is a big job. Fortunately for you, All Junk Removal is here to help you with this tough task, taking heaps of hassle off your hands.

So what is house clearance, anyway? And how do you know if you need it?

House clearance is exactly what is sounds like: the service of taking all the bits out of a house, leaving it empty and ready for a thorough cleaning and for a new occupant, or at least a fresh start of some type. House clearance usually involves taking away the rubbishy bits and junk that nobody wanted to take with or couldn’t take with them. This is exactly what All Junk Removal will take care of for you: taking away all the rubbish and getting rid of it; this includes recycling and donating items in good condition.

 When Do People Need House Clearance Help?

The most common time that All Junk Removal gets called in is after a death in the family. Dealing with the loss of a family member is hard enough, no matter what the circumstances. On top of all the other problems and emotional turmoil, there’s also the issue of what to do with all Grandma’s old furniture and bits and pieces. Perhaps you and your relatives have already gone through and taken cherished items with memories attached, but what do you do with the less attractive items, such as sheets, uneaten food from the pantry and the like? In fact, it’s everyday items like the half-used jar of jam that can actually be the most emotionally difficult to deal with and can be highly triggering for recently bereaved relatives. As professional London house clearing agents, we will step in to take care of the process.

Dealing with estate liquidation time that you may be on the lookout for a London house clearance agent. These services are also commonly required when someone has just moved out and left bits and pieces behind them – all the things that they just couldn’t be bothered taking with them when they moved out. It can be a nuisance, whether you’re the landlord or whether you’re the new tenant, to turn up to what ought to be an empty house or flat but you find it cluttered with weird odds and ends – which can be anything from half-used paint tins to old toothbrushes. No matter what it is, it’s probably a nuisance, with the only exception being if the previous people left a roll of loo paper ready for the next “user”. Once again, this is a situation that All Junk Removal is used to dealing with: we’ll make sure that the house really is empty and ready.

We’ll also come in and remove all the unwanted junk if you are the person moving out. Moving house is often a chance for a fresh start, and who wants to take all their rubbish with them when they go? If you’ve had to move out in a hurry, you may not have had time to arrange for a skip to do the process yourself the slow way.

Our London House Clearance Services

No matter what your house clearance situation is or whereabouts in London you need a house cleared out, then there’s a few things that you can be sure of if you call on our services:

  • We will do the job thoroughly and on time!
  • Any items that are in good condition and can be donated will be donated (this includes food items). If you’re not sure whether or not something is in good condition or not, don’t worry. We’ve got enough experience to know the difference.
  • Recyclable items (e.g. paper, glass, metal, etc.) will be recycled.

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