Junk Removal London

If you’re human, you produce rubbish. The only people who seem to be thrilled by the human tendency to drop things, pile up the rubbish and generally make a mess are archaeologists, who go into ecstasies when they discover a Medieval rubbish heap or a Neolithic midden (a midden is fancy archaeologist-speak for “dump”). However, with the daily modern rubbish that confronts us every day, it’s another story and nobody really gets all excited about that.

Well, you could say that we get excited about rubbish. Not because we go combing through it to find out all about you and how you live the way that an archaeologist would, but because we’re very, very good at getting rid of all your rubbish and making sure that it all gets disposed of in the right way.

We do, however, comb through all your waste to ensure that anything that can be recycled or sent down to the charity store will be. This is why calling a professional waste removal service is much better from an environmental perspective than simply hiring a skip. With a skip, not only will you have to go through the hard work of lugging out all the clutter from your home, office, building site or garden then chucking it in the skip, you may also face those nagging feelings of guilt. Could some of those items that you’ve tossed in the skip have been recycled or donated to charity? However, there’s always the time factor and you know that although you’d like to be responsible and go through the clutter properly so that the recyclables and the reusables go to the right place, you just haven’t got enough time.

However, we do have the time and we know exactly what’s reusable, what’s recyclable and what really is just rubbish that needs to be taken to the waste to energy facility so that it can be cleanly combusted and the resulting heat used to generate electricity to keep Londoners ticking. What’s more, we provide our rubbish removal services to domestic clients and commercial clients all through the Greater London Metropolitan Area.

Our home clearance, garden clearance, building site clearance and office clearance teams can help you get rid of all the heavy-duty rubbish that could be cluttering your space, including:

  • Old broken whiteware and appliances – from fridge-freezers to toasters!
  • E-waste (computers, monitors, keyboards, wires, printers and fax machines)
  • Children’s play equipment that’s seen better days
  • Garden waste, lawn clippings, prunings and old compost heaps
  • Building site waste such as bricks, bits of concrete, offcuts of timber, etc.
  • Old furnitures such as couches, chairs, settees and mattresses
  • Bicycles, trikes and strollers
  • Rubble and demolition waste
  • Soil and stones left from levelling a site or preparing a garden bed
  • Bathroom fixtures, from baths and toilets to towel rails and tap
  • Old car bodies and dead lawnmowers
  • Lumber, timber and dead trees
  • Pet equipment (kennels, birdcages, chicken coops, etc.)
  • Old books, magazines and papers
  • Bottles and glass
  • And more!

Whether you’re having to clear a house after the death of a relative, whether you’re just having a good clear-out of all your clutter or whether you’re relocating the office, All Junk Removal is the team to call for all your London waste removal needs. We’ll deal with small jobs like picking up that pile of clutter that’s been sitting in the corner of the yard through to massive garden clearances. We’ll even help you clean up after that hoarder in the family has left you with a big pile of everything, or the chaos left behind on your rental property by the terrible tenants who just threw everything into a big heap and never did anything. We’ll take the hassle and the heartache out of the process of getting rid of your house or office rubbish, leaving you with a clean slate ready for a fresh start.

We’ve also got same-day rubbish removal services on call for all types of waste disposal for when you just want that junk gone right now. Contact us to find out more!

Because at All Junk Removal, we’re not rubbish – we clean up!

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