Man and Van Rubbish Removal in Marylebone

Man and van junk removal in marylebone

Man and Van rubbish removal is a unique way of getting rid of people’s bulky trash. Unfortunately not that many people consider it when looking for convenient means of waste removal. Turns out, Man and Van are one of the easiest, affordable and environment-friendly option especially when you’re trying to dispose of bulky waste.

Marylebone W1, NW1, is a fast-growing, residential, and commercial area whose population is ever on the rise. Hiring a waste removal company is a necessity for property owners and responsibility for landlords here.

Want to learn more about Man and Van rubbish removal service in Marylebone and how it can be of help to you? Read on.

Man and Van Rubbish Removal in Marylebone

What exactly do a Man and Van rubbish removal service entail?

A group of trained workers get in a van and show up on your doorstep upon request. Their job is to collect and remove waste from your property and load it into their garbage truck. If there’s a need, they will sweep and brush off any loose debris and leave the place free of any trace of trash. Later they will go on to dispose of the waste in a government-approved facility.

How much do Man and Van rubbish removal service cost?

The total cost of this service includes several factors. The price you will pay is determined by the amount of work in labor, the amount of waste to be removed, transport, and disposal costs.

Man and Van services are quite different from ordinary waste removal services. Owing to the amount of work involved and the higher level of difficulty that come with it, Man and Van’s rubbish removal tends to be priced higher.

rubbish removal in marylebone

Are there weight restrictions?

Most waste removal companies use trucks that cannot bear a load of colossal inert waste like cement, soil, or rubble from a construction site. However, according to the law, no truck should carry loads beyond 3.5 tonnes in weight.

With most trucks weighing between 2 tones and 2.5 tones, this means that there’s an unwritten weight restriction rule of around 1 ton to 1.5 tonnes.

Regarding labor, what does the service package include?

A question that most clients want to be answered is ‘what are the Man and Van crew are allowed to do within the agreed terms? The workers are only mandated to collect and remove waste from various points throughout your property. Occasionally, they can sweep the debris so that they can deliver a clean and complete job.

Note that their contract doesn’t allow them to break things or demolish furniture or structures to make them smaller or more manageable. If you want them to do such work, it means they have to invest more time and effort. Ultimately, more work translates into you paying extra.

What types of waste does the removal service deal with?

Man and Van removal services are well equipped to handle and dispose of almost any type of bulky waste. This includes anything from plastic or glass bottles, broken furniture, construction waste, damaged electronic appliances, garden waste, fly-tipped waste, household junk and so on.

What types of waste does the removal service deal withDo you have bulky junk that you want to get rid of? Could be you want to clean up your office building, construction site, commercial building or private property. All Junk Removal is here to help you out. We are one of the leading Man and Van rubbish removal service providers in Marylebone W1, NW1, Baker Street, Hyde Park, Duke Street, Harley Street, and Wimpole Street and nearby surrounding areas.

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