10 Creative DIY Plastic Waste Recycling Methods

Plastic Waste Recycling Methods

Plastic contamination has become such a grave issue. The seas and oceans have been flooded with so much plastic waste. This has, in turn, led to declining sea life. This, despite the fact that plastic bottles wind up in just about every aspect of our daily lives. It is the responsibility of the house owner and landlord to maintain waste cleanliness. The examples are numerous. From water bottles to laundry detergents and even condiment bottles. It is a real shame that so much plastic ends up in landfills when its durability makes it the perfect material for numerous recycling projects. Reusing and recycling plastic bottles is crucial for the health of the planet. So what can you do? Let’s see plastic waste recycling methods in this blog post.

10 Creative DIY Plastic Waste Recycling Methods

1. DIY Plastic Bottle Planter

Spark your Do It Yourself spirit with a simple project that turns a 2-liter bottle into a useful and appealing indoor planter. Below are some simple step by step instructions on how to create one;

  • Get a 2-liter bottle and cut the bottom third off.
  • Paint the bottle with the color of your choice.
  • Fill the bottle with soil and seeds then water and wait for germination!

Plastic Waste Recycling Methods

2. Create a Piggy Bank from a Reused Plastic Bottle

Create a plastic bottle piggy bank and start saving money. You can paint the whole bottle so that the amount inside will be a surprise. You can also leave it transparent so that you can track your saving progress. Simply put, this is a project that makes a lot of cents!

3. Up-cycle a Plastic Bottle into a Watering Can

Why pay for a watering can when you can easily make one from a plastic bottle? Drill or punch some holes in the cap and you’ve got yourself a new watering can.

4. Reuse Plastic Containers for Snack Storage

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to organize your kitchen, consider repurposing old bottles into snack containers to save space. For instance, you can reuse coffee creamers instead of disposing of them.

5. Turn Plastic Bottles into a Trash Can

There’s no better way to going green than creating a trash can out of waste recycling plastic bottles. Collect enough plastic bottles then embark on this project.

6. Create a Vertical Garden from Reused Soda Bottles

Create a Vertical Garden from Reused Soda BottlesNeed a simple yet low-budget way to beautify your yard? Well, you should start drinking up. Soda bottles can be very useful in this project. You will also need twine or clothesline to tie them up vertically on your wall.

7. Reuse Plastic Bottles to Make a DIY Sprinkler

Want greener pastures? You can literally ensure that your yard or lawn remains lush and green in all seasons. Simply poke holes in a 2-liter bottle and voila! Your own easy DIY sprinkler!

8. Make a Beach Bucket Using Laundry Detergent Containers

Remember to stash that empty detergent container for an upcoming DIY project. You can cut it up into a beach bucket hence saving you money instead of buying one.

9. Recycle Empty 2-Liter Bottles into DIY Water Filters

Ever been stuck far from civilization with no source of clean water? Oh, maybe not? Well, you still need to filter your water and you don’t need to spend so much for a good filtration system. You can embark on a project to create one from any plastic bottle.

10. Make Toys From Empty Plastic Bottles

You shouldn’t forget about the children. Keep them entertained using various toys made from recycled plastic shampoo bottles. You can complete this project by creatively painting the outside of the bottle and even adding fun elements depending on the child’s needs or personality.

Make Toys From Empty Plastic BottlesWhile you should be free to explore your creativity, it’s likely you may not be able to utilize all the recycled plastic bottles. Make sure you have a plan to recycle those that you will not use and create zero waste in your home. Set up sorting bins to make it easy for everyone to recycle the bottles.

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