Reasons Why McDonald’s Chooses All Junk Removal


You may have noticed that All Junk Removal have worked with huge brands in London like popular fast food restaurants McDonalds and Pizza Hut as well as top take away coffee shop Pret a Manger.

Big companies like these require different kinds of rubbish removal services that support them with managing all the waste they produce on a regular basis. Find out why they opted for All Junk Removal.

Reasons Why McDonald’s Chooses All Junk Removal

What’s the Waste Situation in the UK’s Hospitality Sector?

In the UK the biggest waste proportion is produced by construction as you can see in the below graph, showing data released by the UK Government Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in March 2020:


According to this report, mineral wastes, which are basically construction wastes such as bricks and stone, which are converted into usable aggregates, meaning they are reused, make up the highest percentage of overall waste generation every year. This is important to know as this waste category produces the largest amount with over one third (£36.7%) compared to other wastes restaurants produce such as plastic wastes (0.7%) and paper & cardboard wastes ((3.2%) or vegetal aka food wastes (2.7%).

Are you surprised? Most people assume that the biggest waste production is plastic waste or food waste, but the official statistics paint a different picture, which isn’t often portrayed in the media. If you compare nearly 80 million tonnes per year of mineral wastes with 2.87 million tonnes of food, packaging and other ‘non-food’ waste, of which 46% is recycled according to charity WRAP, then we can clearly see the true culprit of pollution.

Construction Waste Clearance plays a Key Role in Reducing and Recycling Waste

No wonder that even huge businesses like McDonalds and Co. require help with their construction and building waste.

According to market research firm MCA Insight, the fast food industry has doubled in growth over the past three years and is expected to be worth £9.8bn by 2021. With more delivery options for fast food and apps like Deliveroo and Just Eat, people are especially keen on ordering food online during the pandemic while popular London restaurants are closed during lockdowns.

This means more fast food restaurants are popping up or moving around all over London, requiring building waste removal services to manage their mineral, building and office waste in London according to government regulation.

Construction Waste Clearance plays a Key Role in Reducing and Recycling WasteAll Junk Removal were hired by McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Pret A Manger to remove any debris left after renovation or repair works in their restaurants. The building clearance expert team collected all the waste and disposed of it responsibly.

This solution is much more efficient compared to hiring a skip for example. First of all, none of the staff in food restaurants are legally allowed to place heavy duty items like bricks into skips due to the injury risks. Secondly, it is very time-consuming to clear the building waste and put it into the skip, especially as not everything can go into the skip according to the collection restrictions.

The All Junk Removal’s London waste clearance team will get rid of all the bits of concrete, bricks, off-cut bits of wood, tiles, stones and rocks and even the heaped up soil in one booked session, which saves everyone time while also being cheaper than hiring a skip. And most importantly, it’s more environmentally responsible as the hired team will sort the building site rubbish to ensure items that can be recycled or reused such as wood, will be taken to appropriate distribution bases, located in East London, just outside the M25 near Grays in Essex.

Top Rubbish Removal Services The Big Brands Trust

All Junk Removal London are very proud to be working with companies like McDonalds and Pizza Hut, because they care about the waste situation in London and want to make a valuable contribution by supporting the big players in the hospitality sector.

All Junk Removal follow the principles of the 3 Rs, keeping track of what can be reused and what can be recycled. With every waste collection they’ll sort out the material that’s suitable for reusing, upcycling or recycling or that can be donated to charities, if in good condition like furniture for example. Only as a last resort will something be sent to one of London’s many waste or energy plants.

It is reassuring to know that everyone plays their part in saving this planet from increasing pollution levels through eco-friendly rubbish removal methods. So it is clear to see what the reasons and benefits of professional junk removal services in London are.

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