How To Dispose Of A Mattress With Furniture Removal Services?

How To Dispose Of A Mattress With Furniture Removal Services

Have you ever wondered how to dispose of a mattress with furniture removal services? Recycling is very important as it is environmentally friendly. Shopping for a new mattress can be tedious, even when you know it’s time to level up and upgrade your mattress as per your new requirements.

Some people get new mattresses as their comfort requirements have changed due to age, injuries, and weight gain or loss. Thus, they replace their mattress.

Several different ways can be adopted to get rid of old mattresses, right from recycling to donating them or disposing of them. The method that you adopt totally depends on the condition of your mattress, and the facilities around you for donation and disposal of the mattress.

How Do I Know If I Should Purchase A New Mattress?

Mattresses, on average, should be replaced every 8 years. However, some types of mattresses may last even longer. Depending on the foam and quality, it can be decided how long a mattress can last.

Meanwhile, memory foam and latex mattresses last for about 15 years. Innerspring mattresses can last up to 10 years. Different types of mattresses have different life spans.

Signs Your Mattress Needs To Be Replaced

  • You notice wear and tear and feel changes in your quality of sleep.
  • Your mattress is sagging, that is, you wake up feeling back or neck aches.
  • Lumps have formed in your mattress.
  • Hammocking and noisy springs are felt

If any of these happen, then it’s the right time to change your mattress.

How to Dispose of a Mattress?

1. Recycle

If you are not able to donate your mattress, you can opt for recycling it. A large number of mattresses wind up in landfills every year. This contributes highly to landfill mass, which creates ecological problems. 80-90 percent of mattresses can be broken down and recycled.

However, recycling laws and regulations must be observed depending on the state policy. There are many furniture removal companies in the UK. Many areas have at least one recycling facility that will accept the whole mattress.

Reuse Reduce Recycle Household Wastes

2. DIY & Upcycling Break Down

You can break down your mattress and upcycle or reuse it.

  • Garden And Outdoors: Many parts of the mattress can be used in gardening. A wooden box spring can be broken down and used as compost or landscaping mulch. It can be kept whole and used as a raised garden bed for vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants.
  • Home Repair: Mattress foam, fabric, and padding material can be used as padding insulation and protective blankets for furniture during the shifting process.
  • Art And Craft: There are many art pieces and home décor items that can be made from parts of a mattress. Mattresses can be of good use if you have a crafty spirit and know-how to reuse them. Check out more videos on YouTube and get productive.

3. Donate It

Many people opt to donate the mattress instead of disposing of it. One must check the mattress before donating it. There should not be any infestations, structural problems, stains, bad odor, or rips and holes. Make sure that the next user can benefit from it and get quality sleep too.

4. Get The Help Of A Furniture Removal Company

Another more convenient option is to have it removed by a junk removal company in case you have been unable to donate or reuse it. One must check the guidelines before doing so as rules regarding garbage disposal vary from place to place. Experienced furniture removal companies know the rules and ways on how to recycle or dispose of a mattress, sofa, or any soft furnishing item.

How Contacting A Junk Removal Company Can Be Beneficial?

It is simply easier to get rid of an old mattress if you call a professional junk removal company. Instead of having to lift the mattress and fumble around with it, you can contact a junk removal company like All Junk Removal to deal with the mattress in accordance with recycling guidelines.

They will do the heavy lifting, collect the mattress, and further recycle it instead of dumping it in a landfill. All the parts of the mattress will be broken down and segregated. Thus, junk removal companies recycle the mattresses and put the parts to further use.

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This benefits customers in many ways. It can be reused, and others’ needs can be satisfied. One can DIY their mattress and put it to use for other household purposes. It helps to save money for customers while being good to the planet.

By giving the mattress to a junk removal company you save time and help reduce pollution and damage to the environment, which is currently being discussed by many world leaders at the COP26 in Glasgow.


Mattress disposal in the right way is very important but not easy. It can be recycled, donated, and put to other uses. It benefits customers too. So next time if you wish to dispose of your old mattress, consider DIY tips, call a junk removal company, or just donate it off. Save the environment!

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